Saturday, May 7, 2011

A night with Secret Sisters

Last night was a get together at my Church to reveal your Secret Sister. What a great night of food, fellowship and laughter. At my church we do this event 3 times a year. It's been a great way to get to know women in my church and to form friendships that will last (yes,Grace, you!) The food was fantastic as usual.. I go to a Baptist Church..go figure there was food :)....and last night a new little twist was done for us by way of the ladies ministry group. We each received a small note pad and we were to put our name, address, email and phone number in it. Then we placed them back in a basket and choose a new one. That new one will be our prayer partner till September. How great!! I get to really know another person and pray for them and their needs along with my new Secret Sister!! Fabulous!
The night went on to reveal the Secret Sister that everyone had for the past 4 months...Mine was a beautiful woman in my church who is a wonderful Mentor and woman of God, Irene. She blessed me with a wonderful gift that is now displayed in my living room on a prominent shelf! Thanks, Irene.. I really love it!

If you don't do a Secret Sister at your church I encourage you to find someone to pray for and make it part of your day to really intercede for this person through Jesus Christ.. it will make a huge difference in your life and the person your praying for!


grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...a great time was had by all....Can you just imagine a group of baptist ladies laughing and having a great time!! (Well at least at our church) plus what is a baptist gathering without food..then while we are eating one of the main topics is dieting and how much weight we have
Your plaque looks great thanks for showing it!!
Have a great Mothers Day...I'm not sure I will be there yet..♥ you!!

Sea Witch said...

What a marvelous idea. Sweet post too. SEa Witch

Joy said...

Hi Tracey, that is a really sweet and special idea. Cool!