Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain.....and more Rain

It has been a very rainy May so far in Maine. I hate it!! I am a sun lover and love all things warm!! I am not a true Mainer, therefore I think that is the reason why I hate the weather so much. I had moved around a lot in my life, and married a Mainer. So, I will be here till he decides that enough of the bad weather is enough!!
It's not that I dont' like rain. I do.. I love the sound of it on a warm summer night with the windows open and hearing it dropping from the sky is very peaceful. But, when it goes on for days, and days and doesn't get above 55 degrees, Not a fan!
So Pray that the sun comes out soon and we get a warm summer this year!! If not, I may have to vacation in a hot sunny place this summer!! Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

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grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...I think like you ...I went outside yesterday for about 5 minutes and I tell you I half expected to see snow flakes!!!!!
I even built a fire in the wood stove!!
Oh well we probably will be bitching about the heat this summer and wishing for a rainy day! hahaha!!
Stay warm ya