Thursday, June 16, 2011

From the Garden....

If there is one place I love, it' s my flower gardens... I have 3 that I nurture and keep adding to. I love the colors, texture and scents of the many flowers that I've chosen along the way and have watched grow into nice lush plants and blossom to what they are now.

My it!

The first Peony of the Season
Foxglove in the rock garden
Clementis..the size of a dinner plate
Iris and Lupine in the Front Perennial Garden
Clementis on the Vine


grammie g said...

Hey funny is that..From the garden...we both had the same title!! Great minds you know....
Very is such a beautiful time of year...all these lovely blooms in your gardens.
I wish perenials bloomed all summer!!
Foxgloves and Clemtis are two of my favorites!!

pedalpower said...

Same color as my house! I love a yellow house!

Lola said...

Beautiful blooms!

Have a lovely weekend, dear Tracey!

XOXO Lola:)