Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Old Door and some table legs

Since my daughters moved out I had given up my kitchen table. I have a very small kitchen and really didn't use it very much. But the impending return of my two girls has pushed me to decide to obtain a table for my kitchen.
I have looked for about 2 months now and really hate spending money on something I may not even keep in there after they leave next I had to improvise! See this old door..(not the french door, that's another project. You can see my painters tape on the windows) I plan on using this old door and put it on the legs pictured below..they kinda remind me of a danish look... one is painted one is not.
I plan on combining the two pieces for my kitchen table and so now, I just need to find some chairs... I'll be posting the picture of the finished table soon... the girls move in a week from today!! Have a great day!!!!


Joy said...

I like the idea of re-purposing things, using what you have to fill a need--love it! That old door has some charm to it!

Oh, as for that crochet pattern, it's just a double crochet, and I made the dishcloths 8 1/2" X 8 1/2". Just a square, and then, when you reach the desired size, finish of the edges and I gave it a loop for hanging to dry if you want. It's very simple.

Joy said...

Oh, BTW, that Red Velvet cake on the sidebar... I love the taste of Red Velvet cake--it's different!

grammie g said...

Hey fugal women you. lol..sounds good to will look great!!
Take care...Grace

Michelle said...

How creative!! I am dying to see what it looks like finished, Tracey! xoxo