Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Take Off Pounds Sensibly".. this has been my motivation over the past month or so. I joined my local chapter of TOPS and have seen success!!! I've lost 12 1/2 pounds in 7 weeks and feel so much better. It's a slow process, but one that is being done the right way to keep the pounds off!!
The chapter that I belong to is wonderful.. they are funny, informative and supportive. I've tried for a very long time to get the weight off... I started at 173 and am at 160 1/2 right now!! I can't believe that I'm doing it!! To be with others who struggle with their weight and need help from others is great!! These people know exactly what I'm going through and can offer a much needed "high five" when success happens. If you've never looked into a TOPS chapter, go find one if your struggling with weight. It's very low cost and the slightly competitive feeling helps get you going and stay motivated. Just wanted to share my weight struggles with you and hoping if you have any helps.. pass them along!! would love to hear from you!!!


grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...weight problem ..yup I have two...stomach and boobs!! hahaha
If someone could tell me a weight lose prograom that will take of just that part ~~~~~hmmmmmm~~~~~

Ps...I am setting here eating fresh Cherries dipped in cool whip...LOL
Love Ya

Joy said...

Hmmm... I should lose some weight, but when will I get serious about it? I'm going to blame it on my husband, he's always bringing snacks home.