Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Weighty Topic

Not sure how many of you out there have a daily fight about weight.. well, I do!!
I've never been a skinny minny and don't plan on being one anytime soon. But I am into getting healthier, and in better shape. I battle the wants and needs of my body everyday. I want a doughnut, I need a whole grain breakfast. I want to sit and watch a ballgame on TV, I need to get out in my garden and pull weeds.
For over 3 months, I've been swimming three times a week at the YWCA and doing other activities. Watching what I eat and making better choices. I've gone to the doctor to have lab results gone over and know what I should be doing to get on a healthier track. But you know what? It's still a constant struggle every day.. I still want what I want and it's not necessarily always good.
I thought it would get easier... it's not. Maybe after 6 months of doing this it will. I've lost 13 pounds so far and feel so much better and look better...

Do you struggle with your weight ...or just your wants and needs???? Let me know.. maybe we can help each other out!


Fox and Sparrows said...

I struggle with my wants and needs and with my weight. It has been so long since I was thinner (I haven't ever been skinny) that I wonder sometimes if it is possible for me to be thin and healthy again. At times it seems like an unsurmountable feat! Luckily now I have the desire to be healthy more than the desire to be skinny. That helps but still!! I love food! It has always been a huge part of my upbringing. We celebrate, grieve, entertain and live with food being central.

Michelle said...

Love your new look! You know, my weight is weird. I'll gain, then lose, then gain, then lose but I'm sure one day it's going to change to GAIN, GAIN, GAIN. I'll be really scared then. :) Hugs!!

Joy said...

Ha! I don't struggle with my weight nor my wants and needs... therefore, I should lose about 20 pounds, but the Twinkies are calling. Great for you to be making progress on being and eating healthier. Well, actually, with all the fresh veggies from our garden, I've been over-dosing on them--so, does that balance things out?