Sunday, October 16, 2011


Sunday is the day of the Lord.. that we know. I love going to church to renewed and revived for the upcoming week. To be filled with the spirit to help me get through whatever comes my way during the next seven days.
But, for me Sundays also mean,
FOOTBALL... Love Football. Coming from Maine I am a New England Patriot fan,

But love all the games on Sunday and even Saturday College Football..

It also means comfort food.. this only can come in the fall and pre-winter of the year. I love chowders, Chili, breads, apple pies, muffins, ETC..... you know that you gotta love all things autumn.

So, this is just a reminder that God provides all things wonderful.. and I don't think he minds me enjoying a day of Football and Food on HIS day.. Thank you Lord for all you Provide~


Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Football and church, sounds like a good Sunday to me, as long as you throw in a nap somewhere.

Fox and Sparrows said...

I admit that I don't love football but I love football food and the excitement!!! I would be totally content watching a game if I can have the food and crazy screaming and yelling that comes along with it.