Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter has Come to Maine

It's October 30th and yes, we have snow! It started last night and continues this morning with lots of wind and cold!! How could this be? It's only October and yet it looks and feels like January outside. A freak weather system and the right combination brought this wintery mix to Maine very early.
My Lilac bush broken apart... winter mess!

My backyard and wood cart topped with snow!
I think I may have to go snowshoeing just to feel better about this whole thing, Or better yet, sit in front of my wood stove, cocoa in hand watching scary movies and then football... Yes, Winter has arrived in Maine.. a little too early for me this year! How's your weather??


Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

That's amazing. I think it will be 80 here today, but we pay for it in the summer. That snow is beautiful but I know it is a major inconvenience.

jordiegirl said...

Hi Tracey thanks for stopping by my blog to comment - I too haven't been around much lately so apologies from me too.

Wow, you have all that snow already! Here in England we are very lucky with our weather at the moment - it is very very mild for November, sunshine but some showers no sign of snow at all. Temp 16 degrees today, we can still be outside in t-shirts at the moment!

We did have a heavy rain storm at lunchtime today but it soon cleared up.

I also read your post about your sister and your daughters - I do hope your sister is soon well again and that your daughter's relationship problems get sorted out soon.