Monday, November 7, 2011

A New Enjoyment

If you haven't heard Adele yet, you need to run and purchase this CD or download to your IPhone, IPod, or anything else that you can obtain music on. Her voice is sultry, throaty and beautiful. Her words to the music are moving, and heartfelt. I love this CD and I think you will too!!!!


grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...Oh ya!!
I have the Adele 19 and 21...Rolling in the Deep is the ring on my cell phone : }
You might also like Norah Jones. and K T Tuntall if you like Adele!!
You go girl!! ; }


Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Haven't heard of her, but I bet my fifteen-year-old has. I'll check her out.

Michelle said...

Tracey!! I've missed you so! Thank you for leaving so many comments and being there when I haven't. We are all healing fine..and my life has been doing good despite the loss of Mocha. I plan on blogging again regularly (although now I am posting for Enchanted Chicks since I'm the only one that knows how, eeek!). Lol By the way, I LOVE Adele. What a talent that woman has! Unique voice and all! Hope you have been doing well also and not been stricken with any nasty sicknesses like I have. 10 days now! Ugh. Have a great week and lots of love and hugs to you, my friend!


Fox and Sparrows said...

She has such an amazing voice! I love putting it on in the car and belting it out along with her!