Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A special Day..

Twenty years ago today my beautiful Hannah was born.. where has the time gone??? Not really sure. It seems like just yesterday we were having tea parties, making playdough, reading at bedtime and watching Barney.
The passing of time is a great thing. We move on and develop into who God wants us to be. But there is also a sadness that comes with that. I would never want my daughter to not grow into a Godly woman and achieve all the things He has planned. But for her mother, (me) it's a passage of time that makes me long for the little girl she use to be.
So, today, I'm happy she is growing and becoming a wonderful woman... but at the same time I mourn the time we used to spend together every day developing our relationship. But I suppose that is God's plan. To have that time when your children are young to bond and teach them and then to let go and let them develop into the person God has made.

I miss my little girl, but love the woman she has grown to become.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Display Ideas

Start with some travel memorabilia , add some frames from the Family Dollar and you have a great way not only to display some great memories, but it makes great wall art as well...

(Travel Memorabilia)

 Great Wall Art

 Trip to St. Augustine, Florida

 Arizona Trip!

Enjoy all the places you travel for a long time,, this really keep the memories alive!