Wednesday, March 16, 2011


At 49, I recently achieved something that I never thought would happen. I ran 1 mile. Yes, ran, 1 mile. This may not seem like a lot to some, but to this girl it's quite an accomplishment.
You see, even when I was younger and in boot camp, I don't think I completely ran 1 mile. There may have been those times I ran/walked a mile... and who knows how long it took me... but last Friday was the first time I completely ran 1 mile and in 13.6 minutes.
I am trying very hard to get myself into some kind of shape, (instead of the round shape I"m in)... to take control of my health and improve it each day by eating better and exercising. You may think this is for selfish reasons,, well it's really not.
My mother passed away in 2002 from complications to diabetes (type 2) and I have a sister who is heading down the same road. This is a preventable disease and could be completely reversed by diet and exercise.
With that, for my daughters and husbands sake, instead of getting a diagnosis in 5 years that I have pre-diabetes, I'm taking steps now..steps that should have been taken years ago, to get healthier..1 MILE...may not seem a lot,,,but it's the first step to a healthier ME!