Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Favorite Coffe Cup

You know what I mean.. it's that one coffee cup you have in your kitchen that you love to sip your favorite cup of joe out of. I have one.. I'm sure you do to!
I've been given a lot of cup in the past. Cups from my kids; mom cups, Your the Best cups,
cups from vacations, cups from other countries, cups with sayings on them,, you know that you too have a cupboard filled with cups you can't get rid of, but that you don't use for whatever reason you have.

I was given a set of Starbucks cups a few Christmas' back and they are my FAVORITE!!! I love the shape, the handle, the color and the design on the cup.

It's not that I dont' drink out of other cups..(no colored cups though) but I have my favorite one that I'm sitting here drinking my coffee out of every morning while I blog~~ LOve the Coffee Cup!!