Saturday, May 7, 2011

A night with Secret Sisters

Last night was a get together at my Church to reveal your Secret Sister. What a great night of food, fellowship and laughter. At my church we do this event 3 times a year. It's been a great way to get to know women in my church and to form friendships that will last (yes,Grace, you!) The food was fantastic as usual.. I go to a Baptist Church..go figure there was food :)....and last night a new little twist was done for us by way of the ladies ministry group. We each received a small note pad and we were to put our name, address, email and phone number in it. Then we placed them back in a basket and choose a new one. That new one will be our prayer partner till September. How great!! I get to really know another person and pray for them and their needs along with my new Secret Sister!! Fabulous!
The night went on to reveal the Secret Sister that everyone had for the past 4 months...Mine was a beautiful woman in my church who is a wonderful Mentor and woman of God, Irene. She blessed me with a wonderful gift that is now displayed in my living room on a prominent shelf! Thanks, Irene.. I really love it!

If you don't do a Secret Sister at your church I encourage you to find someone to pray for and make it part of your day to really intercede for this person through Jesus Christ.. it will make a huge difference in your life and the person your praying for!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Completed Projects

A remade pillow cover with Muslin Flowers....

More the rosettes!!

A Burlap Runner for the washer

A Tote Bag..easy peasy.....

A sign for my new Guest Room....Lovin' the Cricut!!


Last August, my 20 year old daughter moved out of the house. Her 26 year old sister was already gone.. well, I thought my laundry load would lighten... yeah, right!
I think I have more and do more now than ever before. It seems that my girls only come by to drop off their laundry and pick it back up, washed, dried and ironed...what a service these two get! I don't mind doing it as I have the time right now. They both work and my youngest goes to college as well, so it's a gift that they get their laundry done and back to them within a day.... Should I be opening up a Laundry Service in my home??? Maybe?

I often remember my mother doing my laundry when I was living with her and how great it was that it came back to me all pressed and smelling wonderful. It just seemed like it was better when she did it. I suppose that is what my two daughters would tell me too.. "But you do it better mom!"... Ah.. this is at least one way to make sure they come by and stop in for dinner, breakfast or lunch!! I love my girls.. and I have to admit.. I like doing their laundry too!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A day in the Life....

It's Monday morning and I've yet to get out of my own way and start my day. I've been at the computer for about an hour now, surfing, checking facebook, emails, and catching up on Ebay.  All things that need to be done, but I also feel a little guilty for sitting and just surfing the net.
There really are things on the agenda for the day..... laundry, dishes, registering the car, crafting and re-doing some furniture. Okay,,so not feeling guilty when I actually see what I have to do today. To often I feel that when I'm home other things get in my way that stop me from be productive..(the tv, phone calls, even the internet). Trying to stay focused is a difficult thing for me to do. I love doing projects, but never seem to finish one before I start another one.
Then there is dinner to contemplate. I start thinking about that around 1pm. My husband likes to eat early, by 4;30pm so I have to eat lunch by 12:00 and then have supper at 4:30. (Is supper a Maine word???) Anyway, just trying to stay productive and get things done around the house on a Monday is in order for today.~ I love Mondays!!