Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Fourth of July Bunting

Some material, some glitter star fish and some easy way to show off your patriotic colors this 4th of July!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, you heard right, a serial crafter. I love to craft!! I am willing to try anything and if I see something someone made I usually make an attempt to try and do the same.
I have scrap booking items, items to make cards, jewelry, material, yarn, ribbon, calligraphy sets, stamps, beads,
 candles, soap, altered books,my Cricut, just about any item or craft you can think of, I have it in my craft room waiting to be made or at least attempted. So I decided this past weekend, with the impending arrival of my children back in the nest I really should whittle my crafts down to what I really love to do and do well and sell or donate the rest. This is a hard decision, but I think I spend so much time on collecting the items to do a project, I never really get around to actually doing the project. So my intention is to really find the passion that I love and stick to just a couple of crafts. I hope this opens up some creative juices and really gets me going!!

Are you a serial crafter????