Friday, July 29, 2011

Limerick, Maine

Well, my husband and I are back from a wonderful time in the small town of Limerick, Maine and neighboring town, Newfield. This was a spur of the moment getaway and I am so glad we were able to sneak away for a couple of days. If you have a husband like mine, the only way to get him to relax and really spend time with me is to get him away from the house. As long as we are home,, he can always find something to keep him busy. The garden, the lawn, getting wood ready for winter...etc.... All of which is important to do, but not being able to stop once in a while is the tough part.
So, we took off Wednesday and Thursday for a quick trip the the western part of the state. Here are just some pictures of where we were and what we did...
Jeremiah Mason House

Another view of the B&B

Blurry pic of our room

another view of our room

The Best Tea House in New England

The room we had tea in

Beautiful Chandeliers hang in each room..

The Tower of London..Tea For Two

Willowbrook Museum in Newfield

My husband and I enjoying our day

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A small getaway

My husband and I usually go away for a week in the summertime to a home we rent in Boothbay Harbor. This year we didn't make that trip due to a busy summer schedule. So, we've decided to do a couple of smaller getaways in Maine and explore some places we haven't yet explored
In August we are making a trek back to Mt. Katahdin. It's the highest peak in Maine and one end of the Appalachian Trail.
Until that day, we are heading to a small town in Maine near the New Hampshire border called, Limerick. Although Maine is known for it's oceanside towns, this isn't one of them. This is inland and has some wonderful places to visit.
We will be staying at the Jeremiah Mason House B&B. It has a wonderful offering of rooms and breakfast sounds fantastic.
We will also be having tea at the Clipper Merchant Tea House. One of Yankee magazines top picks. The website shows a beautiful array of teas, sandwiches and rooms to eat them in.

There is also a turn of the century village known at Willowbrook Museum.

This is kind of like a smaller version of Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. Offering a look at turn of the century life with actors portraying real people from that era. Can't wait to take lots of pictures to post and show you that Maine has more than a seaside resort state. See you all on Friday!!