Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rume Bags

I recently saw these bags in an article in a Martha Stewart Food Magazine... I fell in love with them!! I am so tired of buying sandwich bags and throwing them out!! I hate it!!! So these bags were fantastic. I can re-use them and throw them in the dishwasher and have a clean bag for my husbands lunch every day! The large bag fits a big, hearty sandwich.(no more squeezing it in a baggie) and the smaller bag is great for chips, carrot sticks, cookies or anything else that fits my fancy!! I paid 24.73 for the 4 bags and shipping cost as well. I am not a math person, so not sure how many boxes of sandwich bags I'd have to buy to make this work. But the Green Factor is what really sold me.
I also plan on buying myself a great lunch tote too.. one of those stacked metal lunch pails.. love it and can't wait to buy and use it. I love doing what's good for the environment!!  I love my Rume Bags!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Climbing Mt Kathadin

If your not sure where or what Mt. Kathadin is,

 let me tell you.. It's the highest peak in Maine, the end of the Appalachian trail in Millinocket, Maine ...about 3 hours north of my home. My husband and I leave today for a 3 day camping expedition to climb the mountain tomorrow. We leave today to set up camp in Millinocket, climb tomorrow and recover on Wednesday. It should be a great adventure and if, no, WHEN I get to the top, a picture will be taken of me and there will be proof of my determination to get this off my bucket list!!! So, I'll be back on Wednesday with pictures,, Oh, and there is a great thrift store in Millinocket too... going to make a pit stop there before we leave.. (I couldn't go without thrifting????)... have a great day and say a prayer of safety for me!!!