Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Decor

A Halloween Mantel... spoooooooky!!!

Just some Halloween Pics to start the Season!!!
Pumpkin Heads and a Trick or Treat bag turned art work

Everyone needs a Witches Hat!!! .. Now... where is my broom???????

Monday, October 10, 2011


Okay, so this is where my Halloween Decoration post should have been...but my husband took my camera~!! Why, you ask??? Because he has gone to Northern Maine Moose Hunting... Yeah, Moose hunting.

I guess he wanted to be able to take beautiful pictures of the moose in Northern Maine..No, he wants to take a picture of the Moose they get. Not sure how I feel about this. He has never gone Moose hunting in the past and I think this has been a Bucket List item for him.. So I'm happy about his getting a dream to come true, but I don't think I can really get excited about this one.
So, as soon as he gets back, I'll have my Halloween post and I promise, NO pictures of the Moose... I feel too sad about that.. Have a great Monday everyone!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Been away too long!!

I know that I've been trying to stay on top of my blog and making regular posts.. well, September got away from me and that is history. Here it is October 9th and I'm finally back on track! I've been working a couple of jobs and with the holidays up and coming, this hasnt' been a priority for me. Trying to have a schedule has been difficult. I've allowed other things to get in my way and really haven't taken the time for myself or for what I love to do.. which is read other people's blogs, craft in my craft room, cook, bake and read. NO... these past few weeks have been filled with working, sleeping and eating. Yup that's about it. So,, my priorities for this month are to keep up with my blog, read other's blogs, make my Thanksgiving cards, shop for stocking stuffers, bake a little more and read, read, read!
If you are having trouble trying to stay on top of things, I feel your pain. Thanks for sticking with me and I'll be posting pictures of my Halloween Decor very soon..(Tomorrow)... take care all and thank you again to all my loyal followers!!!