Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winter around the Corner

Well, it's October 27th and yes, we are having snow this morning. Does that mean winter is right around the corner?? In Maine, not sure. The funny thing about the weather here is that it can snow today and the weekend could be warm and sunny. (Well..sunny and not as cold anyway).
Does the change of seasons affect you?? I know that it does for me. In the late fall and winter I love to be home. Getting out of the house can be a chore for me. When the sun goes down.. and it goes down early here, I want to be snuggled in my house in front of my woodstove and just cocoon.
This is bad for me. I need to get out, socialize, exercise and keep my mood elevated. I haven't exercised in about two weeks. I feel terrible!! I have gained back weight that I've worked so hard at losing and just feel BLAH!
I need to push myself and overcome this feeling of not wanting to leave my house and go swim, hike, and take my dog for her walk. How difficult is that???? Pretty difficult right now.
I am going to make the effort to get myself out after work today. Swim today and Book Club tonight. I hope I can continue to really push and remember that it is for my own good.
How do you spend your winters?? How do you motivate yourself when there is no motivation to be found?? I'd love to hear your comments.. As for now. I'm going to catch up on my blog reading, go to work and then swim after that.. we'll see how today goes... one moment at a time!