Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Empty house,,,again..

Well, my oldest daughter left for Florida today. She will be staying with my sister who is undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. I am so pleased that my daughter felt pulled to go and be with my sister during this difficult time. So, that leaves me home with my husband in an empty house for two months. I miss my daughter already. She was always around to play Jeopardy at night, watch Glee on Tuesday's and bake for her. I love my alone time with my husband, but having her around is a blessing.
My youngest daughter is going through a difficult time with her boyfriend. Not going to go into details, but this is a very delicate time in their relationship and all I can do is ask for prayer. I know that God has great things in store for her, and this may not be the young man he has in mind. I ask to give her strength to get her through this time and for her to help see past the present to a future filled with His love.
So today I ask for prayer.... for my daughters and that God direct their lives.
Thank you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter has Come to Maine

It's October 30th and yes, we have snow! It started last night and continues this morning with lots of wind and cold!! How could this be? It's only October and yet it looks and feels like January outside. A freak weather system and the right combination brought this wintery mix to Maine very early.
My Lilac bush broken apart... winter mess!

My backyard and wood cart topped with snow!
I think I may have to go snowshoeing just to feel better about this whole thing, Or better yet, sit in front of my wood stove, cocoa in hand watching scary movies and then football... Yes, Winter has arrived in Maine.. a little too early for me this year! How's your weather??