Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Vacation Dilemma

This spring I will be traveling to Las Vega for my 50th birthday. Well, I should be. I'm suppose to go with my two daughters, but no one seems to be saving any money at this point. So, I'm thinking about changing my plans. Not exactly.
With going to Vegas in the springtime, my husband and I are trying to decide where to go next fall. Our original plan is to go to Italy for a 9 day vacation. I'm getting cold feet about it with all the unrest in Europe and their money situation. So I'm trying to decide if I want to stay here in the United States and do something else. Like go to Hawaii,,, Alaska.

.or somewhere in the 48. Big decisions to come up with. I love to travel and love to explore different places. I've always wanted to go to Italy, but like I said, not sure if this is the time to do it. Any suggestions???

Anyone been someplace that they loved and wished everyone could see it?? I'd love your input on this Dilemma.
As for Vegas.. I think even if my daughters can't come up with the money.. my husband and I will go to enjoy my milestone Birthday!

Have a great Wednesday!!