Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coming to the End of Week 2

Okay, so this no spending has been good for me. I actually went shopping with my daughters yesterday and didn't spend a thing!!! Well,,,not completely true. I had to by a Birthday gift for a friend's child who is like a granddaughter to me and I bought some dog food. But I walked through Goodwill and didn't buy anything. Was it hard?? Yes, but I actually had to ask myself, "Do you really NEED anything right this minute and can you live without it".. the answer was YES!! I'm pretty proud of myself for staying on task and not making purchases just to shop or because I just love something. I'm really trying very hard down size and to make better use of my money and to make wise and smart choices about what I buy. I think the lesson that I'm really learning from doing this is that I make a lot of unnecessary purchases.
So, it's on to the start of week 3 and I continue to learn from this experience and really feel that this will make me a better steward of my money that God has put into my hand. A lot of prayer goes into each day regarding this... Now,,, if I can get my physical fitness in order..I'll be good! 

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grammie g said...

Hi Tracey....Your doing good ..don't fall of the "shopping cart"!!
I am one who can go shopping all day with friends and they say "you didn't buy anything" to which I reply " was I supposed to"
Thats's easy for me , but the physical fitness thing well that is something else! grrrrr!!
Keep up the good work!!