Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Month of Money Diet

Well.. I finished up my month of being on a money diet. With time to reflect on it, I realized that I had been spending money on things I really didn't need. I spent money on on a bottled water, money on clothes, (that I really didn't need) money on small purchases that I really didn't need to buy. Mind you, I never skimped on food or gas.. those are necessities that my family needed and I purchased. Yes, I looked for deals and bought the cheapest gas I could find.
This month long experiment really helped me prioritize and get my money in order. I will do this again very soon. I think its' good to keep yourself in check and accountable for the money and other things God bestows on us. Being a good steward is important to me, and I know that it's important to my God.

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