Monday, July 16, 2012


Most of the country is in the throws of a heat wave... well, it's probably not a heat wave here in Maine, but boy is it HOT!!! My computer at home isn't working because the heat has filled my home and affected my computer.
So, just saying prayers to all that are suffering during this National Heat Wave and hoping that cooler days are coming our way....NOT COLD,,, but cooler.
Stay safe my friends and enjoy!!


grammie g said...

Hi Tracey...I take you have no AC either ..I am dying over here can't get anything done ...I feel like a slug! Not sure I would get anything done anyway!!
Not doing to great with anything ...lack of commitment or depressed don't know which maybe a bit of both!!
Forgot my antidepressants yesterday and today I feel terrible... dreamed the crazies things last night : }}
Nothing seems to be important anymore, cant't seem to pull out of what is going on!!
I have a few extra pounds to shed to, all in the stomach yuck!!
Hope your getting it together..

Sea Witch said...

Stay cool Tracey. It continues to swelter down here in the south. Once the temps break your computer will be back up and running again. Best to keep it shut off until then. While it's down, you may want to blow out the fan or fans on the back of it. That will help move the air around it and keep it from overheating. I say, grab some of that cheap lobsta that is for sale your way and enjoy that until the temps break.

Fox and Sparrows said...

We are finally getting some relief from the heat where I live! I am sending cooling vibes your way!

Joy said...

We are roasting here in Nebraska also, just miserable, and no rain!!