Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where are all the blogs going????

Just when I get interested in a blog, or have been following for a while, they seem to disappear! I get that it can be time consuming to write, or even become a chore, but I'm so disappointed that a lot of the blogs I've been following for years seem to suddenly stop.
Why is that??? It seems that there are a lot of reasons, and one that just blows my mind is the negativity left in comments on blogs! I can't believe that people would do that. If you don't like a post, or even the blog just stop following!! Also, if you can't leave a positive comment, don't leave one at all. It amazes me how often I see that that is the reason people will stop blogging.
All I can say is, I miss certain blogs a lot!! I miss the friends that I've made, the great insight these women have and the wonderful ideas that they come up with that inspire me.
I'm sorry that they have stopped blogging and have allowed others to influence them to the point of leaving something that they enjoyed.
I may not blog every day, but I'm not going anywhere!!!!


Laura said...

I know what you mean.
I have blogged for a while now- but I will admit,I haven't been too inspired lately.

I am working on it though-

White Spray Paint

grammie g said...

HI Tracey...wow I had to look and see what I have left for comments...eeeks!!
Sorry if they are crappy ones ; } I seem to just poor out my poor me stuff !!
It is hot in a lot of places, I know that makes me not want to do anything even blog especially when my hands stick to the computer edge lol!!
I have some that have not blogged in some time, but most of my original bloggers, from when I started in 2009 are still around!!
Don't know what to say girl..will what my running of at the mouth ; }

Sea Witch said...

Hello Tracey. I know what you mean, I have lost so many of my favorite bloggers this past year. I think there are a lot of reasons, the first is that the blogging bloom is off the rose and may folks just got tired of them. The economy is difficult and those bloggers who worked part time or raised families found themselves now needing to have a steady income so they stopped blogging. Pinterest. Yup, that terrific little social media site because of its visual pinning rather than words allowed many folks to just grab pictures instead of converse. I miss so many of these blogs but I continue to solider on. I like blogging and even though I have reduced my time (originally was blogging 3-5 times a week) to once if not twice a week because of my day job which has really gotten demanding, I would miss the friends I have made and their comments. I enjoy each and every one. Sea Witch

Joy said...

Hi Tracey, One blog I am really going to miss is Maura from Lilac Lane Cottage. She had (has) such beautiful photos and would show before and after remodeling shots of her country home and surroundings. I think she wants to get on with "reality", but I am really going to miss the beauty on her blog.

Connie said...

Hi Tracey, I just found your blog and I know what you mean about blogs disappearing. It is a disappointing when a site that you absolutely love is suddenly gone.
I love your Little Pies, they not only look yummy, but they could win a prize for cuteness.

I do hope that you come over to visit, and it would tickle me pink if you decided to follow.
I don't have any plans on quitting my blog, LOL.
That is unless the good Lord calls me home, then it's bye for now, and see you later.
Have a great week,
your newest follower,
Connie :)