Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, I sit here and am waiting to feel the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  I live in Maine, so we should only feel the remenants of the wind and rain... the coastal areas will be harder hit.  As we prepare for this storm, I realize that nothing is in my control. 
I mean, yes, I can fill containers of water, get my wood in, close up doors and windows and secure any outdoor furniture. But I can't control the wind, the rain and how the power is sure to go out.  We can only prepare so much and the rest must be left in God's hands.
I pray that God will provide safety for my family and watch over us, but no matter what happens I know that He is in control and for that I am prepared.
So prayers go out to all who are experiencing Sandy today and my the Lord be with you.

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Sea Witch said...

Thinking of you and those you love as Sandy comes roaring in. Just got off the phone with my cousin who lives in Queens and my son and his family in West Point, NY. All are fine and staying inside until this passes. Additionally, all are high enough to miss any flooding that comes their way. I hope you will be flood free and Sandy just disappears as quickly as she flew in.