Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sickness before the Holidays

Does anyone else get sick this time of year? Is it from overdoing things? Trying to make the perfect holiday? Or just being run down trying to get so many things in order before Christmas?  I 'm not sure.  I do know that this time of year really wears me down... I am working two jobs, cooking, baking, and cleaning.. how do I allow this to happen every year?  I want to slow down... take it easy and enjoy my holiday with family.
I suppose I'll have to learn to slow down and take it easy. Enjoy my home the way it is and be done with trying to make the PERFECT Christmas... the only perfect Christmas was over 2000 years ago when Christ was that was perfection!
Enjoy your family, your home and the many blessings you have.... Slow down!


Joy said...

Hi Tracey, I know exactly what you mean. We try to simplify, but it seems like we just can't. Maybe guilt comes in? Since I am working more during the Christmas season, I announced to my husband that I would not be cooking dinner every night, he was going to have to cook or it was going to be fast food. At first I felt guilty about that, but I just let the guilt go and will enjoy not cooking! I think we expect too much of ourselves-- probably more than others expect of us. I don't think God intended for humankind to rush to and fro!.

Sea Witch said...

This celebration of "Peace" should not be overloaded with external pressures for the perfect holiday. The perfection is in the joy and love shared with those around you. Gentle peace to you and those you love. Sea Witch