Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update on Fitness

Well, It's been half a week and I'm doing well. No coffee bought at work or even buying that bottle of water. I'm taking my own coffee and water to work and using a great Thermos my husband bought me years ago. I have to admit that I'm doing pretty well so far. I needed some new books, so I wen to Nook by B&N and found some freebies to download on my e-reader and I'm good with that.  I do plan on going swimming at our local YWCA I will be using 3.50 for that purpose. I had been going three times per week, until I started my second job. Now that that is winding down.. it's time to get Physical Fitness in order...(more on that later). So, I'm looking for freebies when I can get them. Trying to get my house in order and going through unneeded things to make my life simpler. The journey is challenging.. but remember.. it's not who leaves this world with the most stuff... it's how you impacted the world with your kindness, laughter, and generosity.  Trying to be a good steward of what God has provided!
More to come later!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Spending Diet...

I've been reading on the web about not spending any unnecessary money for 31 days.. Well, my diet will go from January 22nd till February 21st, as I do have some things coming up and thought this time period would work best for me. So, no extras... No dinner out, no bottles of wine, no stopping by the drug store for something is saw in the flyer.. Just no extras. I'm keeping my diet to gas, food for my home and paying bills. I love to shop at Goodwill on a regular basis, so this might prove to be a little difficult. My reason: To stop over spending on things I don't need!!! And believe me, there is a lot I don't need. My little home is bursting with exercise tapes and equipment that never seem to get used. Craft Items I can't see to use up. Food that goes unused in my pantry and fridge,(thus throwing away unnecessarily).. I think this will be a good way to start the new year off right. So.. day 1, here it goes!!!