Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cook Book

I am in love with Pleasant View Schoolhouse...I love Anna's sweet family and her wonderful simple way of life. It's refreshing in the land of Blog.....She has inspired me to buy and bake from The Cake Ladies.

She is baking her way through this book and the cakes look delicious. So.... in her spirit.. I'm going to do the same. I love to bake and I love Cake... so this is the perfect combo right now. My book is coming from Amazon and should be here this coming week.... first cake? Not Sure... but I know it will be delicious and in Southern tradition...Can't wait!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I love dessert... I really love making desserts at any chance I can. These are pumpkin pie bars and were really easy to make.... making a basic crust with oatmeal, brown sugar and of course butter. The filling was pumpkin, eggs, milk, and lots of great aromatic spices.... mix it up, pour on top of the crust and bake.. real easy.... I love searching the internet for recipes. I love the search for these ingredients and BAM!! You get a recipe for something you may not of even thought of.

All Recipes is my favorite and the Weight Watchers website for WW friendly recipes is great. Enjoy baking a little dessert tonight!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A new Hutch

This is my Goodwill Find....45.00.... I love it!!! I'm going to paint it when it finally warms up here in Maine.. but the construction is solid and it is gorgeous!! I love it... It's staying in my Kitchen!! Can't wait to re-do the whole room...sometime in April!! Gotta love Goodwill!!!