Monday, July 9, 2012

Trying to stay Committed

Commitment... what a strong word!! I have been trying to get myself committed to many things..
1. Stop Smoking
2. Regular Exercise
3. Eating Better
4. Regular Devotions with my Bible
5........... on....on ....on
I'm not good at it. I've gained weight, stopped exercising and am smoking more now than ever!! I am so frustrated with myself. My brain seems to have clicked off and that stinks!!! I just don't have the drive, passion, desire to get myself motivated to keep moving and stay committed.
So, in light of all of this.. I am going back to TOPS.(take off pounds sensibly)... I need the encouragement and I need the accountability for what is going on with my body. I went for a walk with my husband last night and am planning some healthy meals....we'll see what happens. I've also tried to stay away from smoking....only 3 cigarettes in 48 hour period. I've got to stay strong and know this is for my own good.
Do you struggle with commitment???? What is the hardest thing to stay committed too???