Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where are all the blogs going????

Just when I get interested in a blog, or have been following for a while, they seem to disappear! I get that it can be time consuming to write, or even become a chore, but I'm so disappointed that a lot of the blogs I've been following for years seem to suddenly stop.
Why is that??? It seems that there are a lot of reasons, and one that just blows my mind is the negativity left in comments on blogs! I can't believe that people would do that. If you don't like a post, or even the blog just stop following!! Also, if you can't leave a positive comment, don't leave one at all. It amazes me how often I see that that is the reason people will stop blogging.
All I can say is, I miss certain blogs a lot!! I miss the friends that I've made, the great insight these women have and the wonderful ideas that they come up with that inspire me.
I'm sorry that they have stopped blogging and have allowed others to influence them to the point of leaving something that they enjoyed.
I may not blog every day, but I'm not going anywhere!!!!