Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Less than interested

I have been less than interested in writing and updating my blog for the past month than ever.... not really sure why. I've been busy baking, making soap, creating small lunch bags and more. I just can never seem to post about anything. I think it's that I get so into what I'm doing that I never think to grab my camera and take a picture. It is usually an after thought when all is put away and I'm sitting reading all of the wonderful blogs I keep up with and say,,"I should have posted about canning 40 pints of pickles".... but never when I'm doing it. Just want to say, I love the blogs I've always followed... I read every day and love to stay updated in your blog world.
I'm heading to Europe soon for vacation with my husband. I'm anxious to be away and enjoy some alone time with him and enjoy the Old World Feel that Europe has to offer. I will post pictures when I return and let you all know where I've been and what area's off Europe I have visited.... Enjoy your Hump Day ......I'll be back again soon!