Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebrate Recovery

Recently I started a 12 step Christian recovery program called Celebrate Recovery.  I have been a heavy drinker in the past, am trying to stop smoking and addicted to Food!! I admit that I have a very addictive personality and restraint is not a normal thing for me. This program is a Christian approach to the twelve steps of AA.
I suppose the first step is to admit that you have a problem and I admit that! I know that my habits and addictions have hurt my spirit, my heart, my relationships and robbed me of joy.  I am excited about this program and am only on week 2... it's opening my eyes, making me really realize that I can't do this alone...I need Jesus' help!
As the days progress I feel stronger and more able to handle certain things. I'm enjoying crafting for the first time in more going out for that smoke... I am rediscovering the wonders in my life and knowing that God is there for me anytime of the day.. I only need to ask and seek Him out.
Please pray for me during my journey... Thanks!