Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to All and to All a good Night!! Hope your Christms was filled with wonder and Joy and lasting memories made!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Night of thought

Tonight I sit in my home, wood stove burning, quiet all around. I sit here thinking of Christmas' past. I remember my own Christmas many years ago as a child growing up on the Maine coast. The winter's were snowy and the Christmas tree real and full of ornaments from my mother's past. I remember all my siblings around the tree, food and laughter. It was a time of family and love.
I sit here tonight thinking of those days gone by. My home is quiet now. My children have grown up and my siblings busy with their own  lives and my husbands family experiencing the a change in holidays now that their mother is gone.
I sit here tonight with mixed feelings. I'm blessed that Christmas is that time of year to think about God giving his son to save the world from darkness. I'm blessed that I have my own children and my husband that I love and that we'll spend tomorrow and Christmas day together. But I'm sad that my Christmases no longer include my family. I miss them and I miss our time spent together all those Christmases long ago and know time changes all things and from this Christmas forward my husbands Christmas will be forever changed.
I'm thankful for the quiet time to remember what my past Christmases were like and feel good about the memories I'll forever hold dear to my heart.
My wishes for everyone is a blessed Christmas remembering that it's a day about the birth of Jesus Christ and His coming to this earth to save His people

Merry Christmas!