Friday, March 29, 2013

Ironing..... a lost art

I recently read a post on another blog about ironing... I thought about it and could not understand the passion and serenity that comes along with the art of ironing. So, today I got out my ironing board and started to iron anything I could get my hands on. Hankies, skirts, shirts, anything that had a wrinkle and needed a quick once over. It was serene. It really was serene and peaceful. It was really a wonderful experience. I understand now why my mother loved to iron. I never really understood why she loved to iron my step-father's shirts.  My house always smelled of Niagra and steam... a very wonderful combination.
I hope to carry on this tradition of Ironing and gain the sense of purpose and peace that ironing brings to me in my own home.


Sea Witch said...

I adore ironing. There is something marvelous about watching freshly laundered linens full of wrinkles and then with a little sprinkling of water and some spray starch and add a little heat and pressure and you have crisp, smooth and wrinkle free linens. Perhaps it is the smell of the heat in the air, or maybe it is the instant gratification of watching something wrinkled become smooth instantly. All I know is that it is a soothing and simple task that is comforting.

Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Alot of ironing goes on at our home and I usually try to put on some great music to help~~