Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still Snowing

My question is: Will it ever stop snowing? I live in Maine and can't believe it, but it has snowed every day here for the past week and a half. Flurries, snow squalls, snow showers, blizzard conditions.. every day. Enough is Enough!!  I am so ready for spring can't imagine. Is Easter really the end of the month? Where has the time gone. Deciding whether to do Easter decorations or St. Patrick Day decorations. Not sure which way to go since they are both this month and so close to each other.
Well, pray it finally stops snowing soon and spring will bound it's way out of the earth!!

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grammie g said...

Hi Tracey ...there is no like buttom on blog, but thee should be ; )
I will amen to that; ) ♥