Saturday, April 13, 2013


Here in Maine the weather has been crazy. 60 degree temps one day and snow the next. I think we are finally on our way to the spring weather after this last crazy snowfall. Spring conjures up all kinds of thoughts for me. Gardening, raking, sprucing up my home and cleaning. All these things are great and make me feel like I'm accomplishing much. 
I love to get out in my garden and feel the damp soil and smell it in my hands. It's just so comforting after a long winter. Knowing that my flowers will come up and bring life to my yard is an awesome feeling. How great is God that he gives us the four seasons to enjoy and remind us that we all have seasons in our lives. Spring is renewal, freshness and decluttering.
What things do you need to liven up? Is there some things that need decluttering in your life? I know that I need to declutter my schedule and my home to be a more effecient me.

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