Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Struggle overcome by Prayer

I have struggled with smoking for as long as I can remember. I have had breaks in my addiction. There was a time for 14 years when I never smoked. After my mother passed away 11 years ago, I have not been able to quit for good. Oh, I had stopped for months, weeks, days, but the urge and the addiction was always there.
Then recently, I decided to give it to God. I prayed that he would take the addiction away from me and that I would quit for my husband, my children and for the Temple that is my body.  With God's grace and mercy, this addiction has been taken away from me. Lots of hours praying and believing that with His help, I could overcome this terrible addiction that was ruining my health and making me old before my time.
I am so grateful for those who have prayed along side me and encouraged me to hand it over to God and rely on His wonderful grace to get me through this.
I feel wonderful. My blood pressure is great and my health improves every day that I go without a cigarette.
Praise God!!! I feel like I'm finally free!!

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