Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eating meals at the table

Do you eat your meals at the table? My husband and I use to.  When my kids were little there was no other place in the house to eat, unless of course you were sick and then you could eat in your bed. But if you weren't sick and it wasn't pizza/movie night.. dinner was at the kitchen table with the family. 
But things change when you children leave the house. Less rules, less structure, less time in the kitchen.
I miss eating meals at the table with place settings, butter dishes, placemats and table cloths.  Now, it's grab the plate and head out to the living room to sit and watch the news with dinner plate in your lap. How uncivilized it that? I'd have to say pretty uncivilized. Recently I watched a movie from the 1940's... it was a Christmas movie and the wife's husband was at war, but she still had lunches prepared for her daughters and places set at the table with a formal flair to keep things sane and structured while the husband was away.  Why don't we use formal settings and eat with china and glasses and place settings? I think this way of life created and maintained a sense of fulfillment and graciousness that isn't found in homes much anymore. 
Bring me the 1940's style back to enjoy dinner the way it was meant to be enjoyed.