Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Long, Lost Post

I can't beleive how long it's been since I posted on my blog. Life got busy and things have gotten away from me for a long time.
My husband is getting ready to go away for a while, my daughter is engaged, I'm going back to school and trying to get healthy!
Wow! I understand why it's been a while since I wrote. I have been spinning plates all at the same time and feel like they have all fallen and broke! I need to get my self in check and make priorities and stick to them.
I'm currently doing a bible study and am behind. Imagine that?? Yes, I'm not making good use of my time and feel like life is getting away from me.
Time for a change. With a wedding coming in a year and a year without my husband, time to kick myself into high gear!!!
Thank you to all who have stayed in touch and please join me in the next year to see how the wedding turns out and I just might need your help!!