Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Touch of Fall

There seems to be a touch of fall in the air here in Maine. The days are noticeably getting shorter and cooler at night. The days are not as hot as they were and the back to school advertisements are all over the televison and in the stores. Where has the time gone? I know that my intentions of really enjoying the summer, the beach and backyard fire pit sessions were high on my list of things to do this summer, but I can honestly say, I've not done one of those things.
My summer has been filled with getting my husband ready for a trip, starting to plan my daughters wedding and feeling like I've been in a rut. I have had great intentions, but nothing ever materialized.
Now that fall is fast approaching, I've come up with a new resolution. To get the things done and enjoy before the snow falls and kick myself in the butt!! I've bought a set of golf clubs to try and learn the game. I've got a new bicycle to ride and brand new sneakers to get out and jog. I think a list and a reward game is in order for me to get myself motivated and moving. I've lost 24 pounds over the summer and need to lose about 20 more. I've got the means, now just the motivation to move.
Has your summer slipped away...does the fall air bring on new intentions?? I hope that you find your inner strength to acccomplish and enjoy the rest of the summer and head into fall with new passion and drive.