Sunday, January 5, 2014

Warmer Weather

The weather has decided to warm up a bit here in Maine. Today actually reached 24 degrees!! I know it's not that warm, but after having sub-zero degree temperatures for over a week and a half, it was a great day. Tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer. January is a tough month to get through. Short, cold days. Roads in bad condition and the post-holiday blues all come in January and bring a bit of sadness with it. I'm trying really hard to get through this month. My husband being gone I have to have mini milestones each month to get me by. This month is my anniversary. I'm going out with my children and daughters finace to eat at a lovely country inn. My husband may not be there, but he will in spirit and having my kids with me to celebrate, it will be okay. Having these milestones each month bring me closer to his homecoming and give me a sense that the time is going by a little faster than it normally would. How are you getting through the month of January? Do you have special events planned this month? I'd love to hear some ideas to get through this extremely long, cold month. Stay warm!!

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Michelle said...

I heard about the cold weather back there. Stay warm! We're up to 47 degrees! Unseasonably warm.