Monday, February 24, 2014

My Place

Lately I've been wondering where God would have me be. Am I suppose to be at home. At Work. Watching over my family affairs. I prayed a lot about it and prayed that God would show me where He wants me and what His will is for me. After waiting on the Lord, I've finally know where I'm suppose to be. At home. Being a mother, a wife, a supporter, a gardener, a caregiver. This is what is expected of me right now. I am to watch over my household and take care of my family. Even though my daughters are grown, they still need my help once in awhile. My youngest is planning her September wedding. My oldest just moved and I am teaching her ways of cooking and taking care of a home. I still am their teacher. My husband needs me to watch over our home while he is away. To take care of our property and our finances. I wasn't sure this is where God wanted me, but reading His word and praying for Him to reveal to me, I know this is my calling in life. And that's okay. I'm at peace with being a wife and a homemaker. Making sure that things are in order and taken care of. Cleaning, cooking,mending and being an overseaer of what God has given to us.
Do you often wonder where God would have you? Have you prayed about it? Have you listened to God to reveal His plan?


Michelle said...

Oh Tracie, I often ask myself that question but today, I can sit here and say he meant for me to be where I am now and he meant for me to go on the journey that I have gone on to get to where I am. Knowing He is there along the way is such comfort. You are such a wonderful mother and wife and caregiver! Where else COULD you be? :)

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