Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter Blues

It's been a long, cold winter here in Maine. Every time I think the weather is going to break...it doesn't . So I sit here in my home with the woodstove going, a cup of tea in hand and my dogs close by. I am ready for the sights and smells of spring. Buds starting to bloom, flowers poking their heads up from the ground. And mostly, getting my patio ready for summer entertaining. This winter has been especially difficult with my husband being deployed. My days are not filled with cooking and baking for him. Not filled with evenings talking to him and cuddling on the couch. It really has been difficult.
Hoping to get through the winter and anticipating spring time renewal!


Joy said...

Hi Tracey, I know how tough winter is, especially further north and extra especially with a spouse far away. I applaud your decision to take care of your home and household. If you don't, who will? I believe this is a woman's first duty if she is married and if she has children. You are in the most valuable place--the home. I am sure so many husbands and children have an unspoken ache in their hearts for a welcoming house to come home to. Healthy meals, instruction for the younger women, Godly wisdom and advice are born and nurtured in the home. 'Home' is the most loved word on earth. We have all seen what the lack of a mother and wife in the home can do--latch key children, fast food meals. I totally understand that many women must work outside their homes and thus have to balance an extra load of responsibilities and work. A price cannot be assessed on the value and life-time reward of taking care of 'the home'. Spring will be here soon, and with it renewed hope, encouragement, and joy. Look for those little signs that God loves you and understands where you are right now in life.

classesncamps said...

yeah i agree with you. i also don't like winter.

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