Thursday, January 30, 2014

The End of January

January has been a cold month. It's been really cold here in Maine and with the short days it's been kind of rough to stay positive and get things done. But February is on the horizon and the days are getting longer. How blessed we are that the Lord provides us with sunshine and warmer temperatures as the spring time starts to peek it's head out from under the blanket of snow and ice. We are lucky to have the change of seasons and to be able to experience all that God has in this world. So, as February begins I look forward to Valentine's day, my birthday and special celebrations throughout the month. I love February. The month is short, the days are getting longer and I get to celebrate my special day. Even though my husband is not home as I celebrate, we will both have our hearts and minds connected to each other. I've been blessed with a special man in my life who proves his love to me every day. I hope the month begins with hope and love for you and your family.