Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Funny, January is usually the time to get things cleared up and cleaned out. But for me it's this month. February is the month for me to really take a look at my life and my surroundings to see if I can get it a little cleaner and less cluttered. We all have a tendency to hoard items. I mean, I still have things that my kids made in first grade and one of my daughters will be 30 this year. Why am I holding on to it? Is it the memory? or am I just unwilling to take that step and clear out some clutter that is taking up space in my closet. Now, I'm not suggesting getting rid of all my kids things...not at all... I'm talking about holding on to the most precious items and getting them in an organized arrangement to find them when I need to. I've also gone through my clothes. I'm trying to get rid of items that I haven't worn in over a year and that don't fit or have a stain on them.
Why is it we hold on to items we don't use..??? I am asking myself that question more often and making the leap of faith to trim my clutter in my life. How about you?? Still have that prom corsage hanging on your bedroom mirror???