Sunday, February 16, 2014

"You Were Always Mom's Favorite"...

I recently read this book "You were always mom's favorite" by Deborah Tannen... what an eye opener!! I was amazed by every chapter that I read. The book is filled with stories from sisters and how they felt growing up in a family with other sisters and how they perceived their outlook on the growing up experience. Circumstances, finances, birth order... all seem to have some affect on the relationships of sisters.
I not only could see my own sister relationship within the pages of this book, I can see my two daughters and their relationship and their experiences. It was an amazing journey listening to the stories from sisters and how some are so close and others have really drifted apart. I, for one, am thrilled that I have sisters. We may not always get along and see things eye to eye, but I know that if I need anything they will always have my back. A brother isn't the same. My sisters and I have jokes that only we understand. A language that we get. Stories that only we share.
If you have a sister or have daughters, I totally encourage you to read this book... it will give you a revelation to your own sister experience.