Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finally, I'm back and better than ever!

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything. A lot has been going on since my last post. My husband returned from a year long deployment. I started back at college and I'm going to be having a grandchild! Yes, lots going on and I thought it was time to get myself back to writing and tracking things a little better. I've been working out and trying to get my health on track. I've been doing yoga, zumba, and some Focus T25! I am feeling great! I really am enjoying getting healthy and with a new grandchild on the way I need to get in the best shape I can.
I also started painting. I love it. I've done 4 paintings so far and find it very relaxing. I am trying to do more things and different things. Every chance I get I try something new. Last week I went to a new type of Yoga class. Kundalini Yoga. It was very empowering and I found myself experiencing a new sense of well being.
I also turned 53 last week. I don't mind getting older. I am really embracing it! The older I get the more well rounded I feel that I'm getting. ( Not rounder in the physical sense!) I feel that there are more doors open to me and more things to experience. I hope to get back to regular blogging and getting more pictures on line from my life. Better documentation is what I'm striving for! Glad to be back and lots more to come!!