Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Typical Thursday

Today was just a typical day for me. I am a full-time student and had my class in Holistic Health today. The class has been pretty good and very informative. I've learned all about alternative health and many different modalities for taking care of ourselves in non-western medicine ways. I am very happy with how this class is going, but I will admit that I'll be glad when this semester is over.
I also typically do my housework and make dinner for my husband before we head out to a night at our church with Life Tree Café. It's a beautiful way to connect to people and build relationships with other church members and those who come to visit. I like that it's available to anyone and you can come with your own ideas and your own thoughts, everyone is welcome. It's a night out for my husband and myself to get to know our church family on a more intimate level and get to meet new people who come to visit and take part in a very informal conversation café.
As you can see nothing exciting, it's still pretty cold here in Maine, but it is comforting to have some continuity in our life and no stress with how our days are planned.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge

Well, this week I start an 8 week weight loss challenge. I think it's just what I need to get myself more accountable for all the exercise and lifestyle changes I've made to see the weight come off. I was in a program at my doctor's office, but I'm not finding it very motivational. I sit in group and just listen to people not willing to make the changes necessary to loss the weight. I mean, you have to exercise. You have to make changes to your diet. You have to be ready to do things differently. So, instead of going to group, I've decided to take on a challenge at my fitness studio. I go for my initial weigh in this morning and I'm probably not going to like what I see. I exercise about 4 times per week, sometimes more, but I'm not seeing the numbers move. So, we'll see if this helps to be in a little friendly competition.
I'm also getting ready to head off to Niagara Falls in a couple of weeks to visit daughter #1. She moved out there in August and I haven't seen her since. I'm flying out in a couple of weeks to visit for a few days. I can't wait! All in all a pretty good start to the week and things are going well. Wish me luck today and I'll have updates often!