Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Reviving my blog

Today, I'm thinking about reviving my blog. I miss talking to all of you and sharing my thoughts and ideas about living on a small farm in Maine.
We are at the start of getting our homestead back up and running. After 30 years of my husband being in the military he retired in April and that meant, no more traveling, no more long separation. I am so happy he's finally home for good.
So, we decided to get our small farm back up and running now that we are both home and can commit time to our animals and harvest our produce from our land.
This was a very productive year. I'll start slow and up date as I go along. In June, we got laying hens again. I'm loving it. Custards, hard boiled eggs, homemade mayo, the list goes on and on. How can you not love getting up and heading to the coop for farm fresh eggs? We also bought some meat birds as well and those are sitting in my freezer for winter dinners. I'm still in school and working hard and my husband is working hard as well. I'm also a new grandmother and have the prettiest grandbaby in the world! (No, I'm not prejudice). I'll begin posting pictures tomorrow and hopefully will be able to update most days. Oh, and I have fresh hot pumpkin soup on the stove from our veggie garden!! Yum!