Sunday, February 12, 2017

Less Waste

I've decided to take a step to the zero wasteland. No, I'm not going to be going to zero, but I am going to start using less and creating less waste, especially plastic. Plastic is so hazardous to our planet, and if I can do anything to help reduce that, I am going to.
Since I live on a small farm in Maine, I already have a compost pile and we recycle our trash. We still produce a lot of household waste that goes into the regular trash, but with my new found effort, I plan on making less.
I bought some terry cloth at Joann's fabric and am cutting and surging the edges to make my own paper towels. I have a copper basket on my counter for clean rags, and one under my sink attached with command hooks for the dirty ones. I already use cloth napkins and bring my own bags to the grocery store, but am not bringing my own veggies bags with me for produce instead of using the plastic ones they have in the store. I am also making linen bread bags too. The linen was a bit pricey, but with my coupons I got the terry cloth and linen for under $17.00 and I'm able to make plenty of rags and bags.
This is just a start, now to get my husband on board and to find ways of reducing the plastic that enters my home. I'm always looking for new things to try, but honestly, I can't give up certain things that come in plastic containers. I just plan on recycling those. But I figure, every little bit will help reduce the waste that my husband and I use on a daily basis. More to come,.......